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CHRISTIANITY EXPLORED                                                                                               continues November 23rd

HOPE EXLORED will return in  2024                                    

St Giles’ Friday Coffee Shop every Friday 9 – 1.30pm                                                                 Minimarket open Friday 24th November                                                         FREE LUNCHES AVAILBLE 12PM TO 1PM

ST GILES CHURCH & Guildhall friends                                   10am to 2pm SATURDAY 25th NOVEMBER                                        YE OLDE ST NICHOLAS CHRISTMAS FAYRE 


Sunday 26th November 10.30am 


ST GILES and ST THOMAS  services

10.30am at St Thomas on the first Sunday of each month but please check                               Memo for dates  Next one Sunday 5th November 2023                            10.30am each Sunday at St Giles                                                                                      8am at St Giles on the 4th Sunday each month                                                         1.10pm every Wednesday for Oasis Holy Communion.                                          Weekly Sunday worship online 8am St Giles Newcastle You Tube   

Additional special services will be detailed here and in Parish News.              


Parish News Online: 45 PN Dec 23

and finally we have an image!!! Enjoy the read!!

Past editions of Parish News Online Click here: 44PN Nov 23

43 PN Oct 23; 42 PN Sept 23; 41 PN August 23; 40 PN July 23; 39 PN June 23: 38 May 23 on-line; 37 Apr 23 on-line: 36 Mar 23 on-line: 35 Feb 23 on-line:  34 PN ONLINE Jan 23: 33 PN ONLINE Dec 22; 32 PN ON LINE Nov 22;           31 PN ONLINE Oct 22; 30 PN ONLINE Sept 22;    29 PN ON LINE Aug 22;       28 PN ON-LINE July 22; 27 PN ON_LINE Jun 22:  26 PN ONLINE May 22;       25 PN ON-LINE Apr 22; 24 PN ON-LINE Mar 22; 23 PN ONLINE Feb 22;         22 PN Online JAN 22;     21 PN ON-LINE DEC 21; 20 PN ON-LINE NOV 21;     19 PN ON-LINEOct 21; 18 PN ON-LINE SEPT 21; 17 PN ON-LINE AUGUST 21; 16 PN ON-LINE JULY 21; 15 PN ON-LINE JUNE 21; 14 PN ON-LINE May 21;  13 PN ONLINE APRIL 21; 12 PN ONLINE MAR 21; 11 PN ON LINE Feb 21;    10 PN ON LINE Jan 21; 9 PN ON-LINE Dec 20;   8 PN ON-LINE Nov 20;           7 PN ON-LINE oct 20; 6 PN ON-LINE Sept 20;  5 PN ON-LINE Aug 20;             PN ON-LINE July 20; 3 PN ON-LINE June-20;  2 PN ON-LINE May; and      1 PN ON-LINE April. 


This week at St Giles         

  Online worship  available every Sunday           

8am               BCP Holy Communion                                                                             10.30am       Holy Communion  At St Giles’                                                                                       and Messy Advent Party

2.30pm        Coop Memorial Service


9am               Rainbow Toddler Group                                                           

1.10pm         Oasis Holy Communion at St Giles

7.30pm         Choir Practice


9am         Coffee Shop & Mini Market



10am –1pm       Wreath making

10am—3pm      Grow North Staffs                                                                                                              Pom Pom World record



Next Sunday

3rd December,   1st Sunday of Advent   

10.30am        Holy Communion at St Giles      with SHINE!  

10.30am       Holy Communion at St Thomas