We are delighted that you are thinking about getting your child christened/baptised at St Giles. We welcome all those who either live in the parish or have a connection with the church.

You can find out which parish you are in by entering your postcode at this website. There is no fee charged for a christening/baptism.

An important part of christening/baptism is becoming part of a local church, so we encourage you, as you think about this important step, to come to one of our Family Services, held on the second Sunday of every month at 10.30am. These are lively 45-minute services designed for people of all ages.

Coming to the service should give you a good idea as to whether this is a church you want your child to be a part of. At the end of the service, there is the chance to pick up a christening/baptism pack that will give you all the details about having a child christened/baptised at St Giles.

If you wish to, you will also be able to book a date for the service. Christenings/baptisms are normally held at 12.30pm on a Sunday.

For details, please contact the Rector, the Rev Robert Daborn, by email on or by telephone on 01782 616397.